Device Info Android

featured4Device Info is Android application showing the supported/unsupported features and how they behave on the Android Powered Devices.
Useful when you are developing Android applications and reviewing values of different features or settings is important or you have cross device issues.

Information Screens:

  • Android system information;
  • Screen information;
  • Connection information;
  • Sensor information (including Location and Camera);
  • Storage information;
  • Telephony information;
  • WebView information;
  • Java Properties Information.

Available for Android Wear watches in square and circle mode. Install the app from Google Play and the app will be installed on your Android Wearable as standalone app. Using long press on the wearable will copy the value to wearable clipboard and send the value to the connected device clipboard.

The application is showing values of system settings and dynamic listeners that require more android permissions in order to retrieve the data. Application is using Google Analytics, Admob and Crashlytics with only purpose to improve the stability, the experience and keep the application free to use. For more information you can review the application’s privacy policy.

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